The Mystery of Defining Words!


We use words to communicate with others. However, it’s surprising that when asked to define those words, it gets a bit tricky. When a word is properly defined, we state its meaning by stipulating its essential qualities.
For instance, what does the word ‘bachelor’ mean? Ordinarily, the easiest answer is “an unmarried male.” Then one will point out that baby boys are ‘unmarried males’ but are not refered to as bachelors. So, you edit your definition to “unmarried adult male.” But again, what of my friend who divorced a while back, isn’t he a bachelor? You again incorporate that aspect. Thus, a bachelor becomes “a never-married adult male.”

This is a good definition because it refers to real bachelors as opposed to non bachelors. Here, you have spelt out the necessary tenets of bachelorhood i.e. never married, adult and male. Solely, they are necessary and jointly, they accurately define a ‘bachelor.’

With this art and example in mind, lets consider something that most adults think that they are familiar with–Love.

What exactly is LOVE?

Over to you, readers!


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