To My Valentine!


My Love,

Today is St. Valentine’s Day!

The story of St. Valentine, according to one of the legends rotates around the life of a Christian Bishop, Valentine who secretly wedded young lovers contrary to a decree by Claudias II who had banned marriage in order to preserve many able-bodied men for military service at the time the Roman Empire was crumbling.

After his defiance was exposed, Valentine was arrested and during his detention, he even dared to convert the Emperor, who was obviously offended and ordered his execution, believed to have been done on February 14, 270 AD.

We learn a few things from this story. Love involves taking risks. Imagine surrendering your life literally to someone who is not even your most distant relative. Trusting that they will treat you well. Sharing your secrets and plans with them. Believing that they wish you well. This is a huge risk, akin to Valentine’s defiance of the Emperor!

The other is that love surpasses prejudice and suppression and entails a great deal of sacrifice. We have heard sentiments to the effect that our relationship is wrong basing on tribe, religion etc. This is similar to Valentine’s time when marriage was looked at as “weakening men” and therefore unlawful. Valentine overcame this. I am so sure we shall equally overcome all the obstacles that may come our way.

I thank you for the love you have showed me since we started this emotional journey. You are all I have ever desired; a complete definition of my woman. You have stood by me during all times. This is the consistency I have always yearned for in a partner. You are so beautiful. You have made me see and feel the meaning of LOVE. Eyalama noi!!!


When we smile…

On this day, I pledge to endlessly love you. Give all that is within my control to make you happy. I promise to make you a proud woman; a source of envy and inspiration for many.

I will always love you, Desire Ruth

From Your Valentine!


2 thoughts on “To My Valentine!

  1. I chose you because of the unique character you possess, your tender, kind loving ways and the unconquerable spirit. With you I am very complete…you fixed my puzzle the right way..with u I will live and love…I have come to know the meaning of true love…for u have n are loving me truly..I pledge my heart, love and soul ..for u..keep the flame of our love….Am forever yo gal….love you a million.

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