Voting Patterns in Uganda: A Case Study of Uncle X


In 1996, one of my relatives (let us call him X) was an ardent supporter of President Museveni. He said he could now sleep peacefully unlike in the past. Mentioning Dr. Ssemogerere was near treason in his home.

In 2001, he stuck to President Museveni and religiously sung the “No Change” slogan. However on Election Day eve, some “unknown” gunmen went and attacked one of our uncle’s home (he was a Reform Agenda official). They shot at his house and left a grenade in the compound. When that news reached X, he immediately changed his mind and voted for Dr Besigye because he believed the attack on his brother’s home was due to his political views.

Ballot-Box-001 new

Come 2006, X is totally converted and wants change. He, without blinking an eye, voted for Dr. Besigye, whose imprisonment during the campaign time made him a darling of the voters.

Lastly, 2011: Uncle X was still in love with his Colonel. Then when Mzee Bidandi Ssali of PPP was campaigning in Bukedea, he stated that Dr Besigye and President Museveni were “Opio and Odong” i.e. twins (in Teso). He stated that there was no change KB would bring because both men are children of the same mant—the bush. That day, Uncle X contemplated on that statement. After casting his ballot weeks later, he told me changed his mind and decided to vote for Ambassador Otunnu. His reason was that he has historical UPC ties and thus felt that through Otunnu, they could “take back their country” to its past glory when Atutur Hospital was built! So you can imagine, a Besigye supporter attends another candidate (Hon Bidandi)’s rally and he gets convinced to vote for another candidate (Dr. Otunnu). Interesting! Isn’t it?

That’s Uganda’s voters for you!

Am waiting for his 2016 choice…


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