The Day I Got ‘Saved’


Things were tight!

To improve my welfare and for another equally needy high school student, Yabin Ofumbi, we hatched a plan for at least one of us to get a political position at School. Because of my drama skills (I can give some people a run for their money BTW), we thought I would run for Entertainment Prefect. However, because I lacked “swagg”, I was afraid of being beaten by someone with fancy clothes (the ones I listed yesterday) and cool accent. Besides, I had stepped on many toes (literally) especially of chics and most importantly, the BALOKOLE. To the latter category, I was the real representation of Lucifer more so with my Nyanzi tongue (Yes, I knew about freedom of expression even before stepping Law School).

So we agreed that Ofumbi runs for Dining Hall Prefect. This was strategic. As his close friend, I was assured of eating the “top layer” of the school beans. In other words, I would be among the few eating real fried sauce. Additionally, as a DH prefect, he had access to the food the teachers were eating i.e. RICE. In Wairaka College, rice was a deal breaker. It could get you the attention of even the hottest chic at school. We used to eat the thing once a week (I remember it was on Wednesdays). But because of being a DH Prefect, Ofumbi would be having a daily supply of rice (I later learnt it was the balance of what the teachers left behind). So we needed this position. The spillover effect (of course it would be to me) was high.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we had a serious campaign ahead of us. The stakes were high. So how would we secure this victory? We hatched a plan. Since Ofumbi used to be saved in O’ Level but had backslid (I hope not because of me), we agreed that he publicly “re-commits himself to Jesus”.

Ooooooh my Gawd!!!

That was arguably the most talked-about Sunday service during our time. The entire hall was on fire. (People were looking for me hoping I could have been inspired too but waaah, my ‘Lucifer’ was still tight). Anyway, with Ofumbi duly nominated and elections a few days away, we needed this publicity badly. I started attending all the Fellowships (mbu from Saul to Paul) just make people happy. I also had to mend fences with all those I had crossed with (of course the chics).

To cut the long story short, on election day we had a landslide victory. If I have ever campaigned for somebody with passion, I think Ofumbi is the only person I have done it for.


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