In Support of Bobi Wine’s Parliamentary Bid


Last week, popular musician Bobi Wine announced his intention to run for Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East, Wakiso District. The seat fell vacant after the Court of Appeal nullified the election of FDC’s Apollo Katinti on grounds that there was non-compliance with electoral laws which substantially affected the results. This followed a petition by NRM’s Sitenda Sebalu.

Bobi Wine’s announcement attracted mixed reactions, especially from social media commentators. For starters, BW has always been political. I hear his family is also politically active. He has associated with the opposition in Uganda. He has been hobnobbing with former FDC party president and presidential flagbearer Col. Dr Kizza Besigye in court, at his home, during the Presidential Debate etc. Recently, things got a bit harsh when he shared a photo of himself with Dr Besigye wherein he seemed to insinuate that the iconic opposition leader had blessed (or endorsed) his candidature. Sections of the opposition-leaning commentators literally threw him away—like a hot potato. This is for another day.


Bobi Wine*

Today, I want to share why I think BW can make a good MP. Despite the fact that I don’t speak Luganda (fluently), I have listened to and solicited interpretations of some of BW’s songs that discuss issues affecting our society, especially the urban poor. I find BW a competent and articulate exponent of our social issues including unemployment, drug abuse, insecurity, elections etc. Little wonder, Police has used him occasionally to calm down possible riots. He has a studio which I hear is easily accessible to many upcoming ghetto artistes. I hear he runs a number of businesses which means he appreciates the need for an economy that works for all. I have read his Facebook posts about the different speaking engagements he has had or his life story and I can’t help but conclude that he appreciates our problems better than many people including leaders.

Uganda has become a society of whiners. People like complaining about everything but doing nothing or little to address these issues. Some of BW’s fellow musicians are pre-occupied with singing about sex, money, big cars etc. Many use their music for largely self-survival. Of course, even Bobi earns from his music. However, he has always made the poor but of his agenda in his music. He has decided not to sit on the sidelines and lament about issues through music (or Facebook) only but has instead sought to join the institutions that shape decisions on the issues he sings about. One of those institutions is Parliament. His background as a hustler in the ghetto could enrich our leadership with experience. Talking about background; Yes, BW is an entertainer. He may have been (or still is) a weed smoker. He may have dreadlocks. He may walk with a bounce. He may be all the “indecent” things you may talk about in a leader. But what difference does his background make if he has a good head on his shoulders?

Lastly, the political process in the country is and should be to be open to all citizens, including musicians . You can have all types of issues with our Legislature but one thing is constant; for Parliament to function properly, we need to elect good people to occupy it; people who understand our daily struggles. Bobi Wine, in my view is one of them.

The only problem I will is if the basis of his support is his popularity not the ideas he espouses because being a super star doesn’t automatically flood one’s mind with good thoughts.

*photo obtained from his Facebook page


One thought on “In Support of Bobi Wine’s Parliamentary Bid

  1. Moses Opolot

    I totally agree with you thoughts on BW. I think there is also a presumption among a few opposition members especially FDC that opposition belongs to them and any new entry will be looked at as an enemy!

    In my opinion FDC needs BW more than BW needs FDC and following the dwindling numbers of FDC in the house, it would be wise to actually bring BW on board because he has 55% chance of winning that election irrespective of the ticket he contests on. Opposition members in Uganda don’t practice what they preach. There shouldn’t be a monopoly of opposition. Open up the space to all Ugandans irrespective of their background.

    Who in FDC doesn’t have a certain kind of background? Yes BW has been or is still a weed smoker, pull down swagger man and whatever they call his bad character.. what about if Ugandans also say that most of you who are in opposition have a past connected to the ruling government that you claim to be fighting. Majority of FDC top leadership if not all have been in bed with NRM, a party they claim to be fighting. Are Ugandans who support them mad to trust them despite their past?? Let’s forget of BW’s past and focus on what he is willing to offer to the people of Uganda! Infact, we need to appreciate his past because it’s what has shaped him to have such an ambition!

    Following BW’s recent political engagements and utterances, he is one person opposition should be happy to have in parliament because he has sounded incorruptible of late and fighting for equality and human rights. He would remain an opposition MP advocating for the poor in this country and advancing opposition’s agenda.

    FDC has more to lose in denying BW their ticket because the fact is, this nigga has highier chances of getting into parliament.

    I rest my case!

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