Najjeera Road: The Exception to the ‘Left Hand Traffic’ Rule in Uganda


Najjera is arguably one of the fastest growing areas surrounding Kampala city. Every passing day, real estate developers advertise countless residential units in the area. However, this rapid growth is not matched with the infrastructural set up in the area especially the main road which connects to the city. The surface of the road is broken (probably by the heavy rains). There are countless potholes on the road and there’s just little space in the middle. There are no lanes on the road. The water ditches have literally eroded away.

Pot hole 2


In Uganda, we observe the Left Hand Traffic (LHT) rule which is to the effect that unless a contrary directive is issued, drivers should keep on the left side of the road. This is important for traffic flow. Sadly, as my friend Andrew Karamagi once remarked, Najjeera dwellers do not have the luxury of complying with this rule because they only have one choice – to drive on what is left of the road. How absurd! Additionally, with no lighting, driving at night on this road is nothing short of another nightmare.

Now, this road serves several individuals who work in the city and surrounding areas. Combined with undisciplined road users, mostly taxi drivers and bodaboda riders (even many private drivers), there’s traffic jam at almost any given time of the day (even as early as 6:00am).

Whereas Uganda Police has deployed some traffic cops in the area, this is an insufficient intervention. The root problem, in my view is the terrible road!

It’s urgent that the leadership of Kira Municipality takes the necessary action to address this issue. It’s embarrassing.



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